Cutting to the heart of Latin America's sacred spirits, ancient ferments and other drinkables.

grab a seat, grab a drink! 



Drink A Seat is an erroneous English translation of the phrase toma asiento (take a seat). The very nature of translation invites us to approximate meaning and when you toss in the fact that many verbs translated from Spanish to English can have a grab bag of official meanings it leaves room for some creative interpretations. The verb tomar means to take, to take in, to drink; toma asiento, Drink A Seat. 

Drink A Seat is a sociopolitical exploration of the sacred spirits, ancient ferments and other drinkables of Latin America, Latin America hereby defined as Mexico, most of Central and South America, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. With drink as the vessel, Drink A Seat will draw attention to the producers, their processes and their stories with the purpose of facilitating greater understanding amongst us, Drink A Seat's own brand of drink activism. Promoting Latin America as the diverse region that it is, replete with color, rhythms, flavors, a dazzling intersection of the indigenous, African, Asian, European, and Arabic ~a sancocho~ a melting pot of cultures. Sugar cane, wheat, coffee, grapes and coconut are imports while agaves, corn, potatoes, quinoa, cacao, and the avocado are all native to the Americas. Imported or endemic all have been made into beverages that have a unique Latin American identity and all we'll enjoy right here at Drink A Seat. So take a seat, as we distill down to the heart of liquid Latin America. 



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I'm Kami, a forever student of Latin America, a Bourdain understudy and I have been living between Peru and Mexico since 2015.  I am an owning partner of a Peruvian Pisco brand, a professional Tequila tour guide, a distiller, a spirits specialist, a bartender, a drink activist and a champion of the producer. Drink A Seat is born from 16 years a bartender combined with a ceaseless adoration of Latin America and soaking it all up, currently in Oaxaca and Jalisco, Mexico. Formerly in Peru (Cusco, Lima, Arequipa) and Puerto Rico (San German). 


+52 9513907539

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